Short Synopsis
‘Birth Of Venus’ follows an exchange student who has to go into mandatory confinement in Rome (Italy). He wants to use this opportunity to process his past by writing poetry. Unexpectedly, however, a strange visitor joins him on this journey to his sub-conscious. This leads to a nearly fatal ending where he succeeds in creating a visual artwork by using his failed attempts at the written form of poetry.
General info
English title BIRTH OF VENUS
Original title BIRTH OF VENUS
Directed by Arno Delalieux
Written by Ibid.
Produced by Ibid.
Cinematography by Ibid.
Production country/ies Belgium, Italy
Language/s English, Italian, French
Duration  15 min.

Edited by Arno Delalieux
Production Design by /
Costume Design by /
Hair & Make-Up by /
Original Score by Alessandro Speranza
Main Cast Arno Delalieux

Biography of the Director/s
Filmography of the Director/s
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